PPI KIM ke-44

Pertemuan dan Presentasi Ilmiah Kalibrasi, Instrumentasi dan Metrologi

7 ~ 8 Mei 2018*

In commemoration of world metrology day 2018 with the theme “Constant evolution of the International System of Units”, Research Center for Metrology Indonesian Institute of Sciences (Puslit metrology-LIPI) organizes a national conference on metrology called Scientific Meeting and Presentation of Calibration, Instrumentation and Metrology (PPI-KIM) which will be held in Gand Sahid Hotel Jakarta on 7-8 May 2018.
PPI-KIM is also the annual activity of Puslit Metrolog-LIPI in an effort to improve the national metrology infrastructure that is closely related to the improvement of quality and innovation. In this 44th event of PPI-KIM, the theme is “Strengthening Metrology Infrastructure to Ensure Health Services Quality.
This theme was chosen because in relation to medical equipment used to ensure the quality of health services, the government provides the equipment prerequisites contained in Indonesia Law Number 44 Year 2009 on Hospitals. It is mentioned that medical and non-medical equipment must meet service standards, quality requirements, safety, security, and use. To do so, it is also stated in the Law that the medical equipment shall be periodically tested and calibrated by the Health Facilities Testing Center and/or the institution of testing of authorized health facilities. However, the implementation of the Law is not easy. The biggest challenge facing is traceability. Hence, we need robust metrology infrastructure. In addition, the theme is also in accordance with the Government Work Plan of 2018 where there are ten national priorities and health is one of them.
This event will consist of Special lecture on Redefinition of SI by Director of BIPM*, Talk Show on role of metrology in health by LIPI-National Standardization Agency*- Directorate General of Health Services* , scientific paper presentation, Essay Writing Competition for university, ISO 17025 Workshop for calibration laboratories, and Metrology Corner (stakeholder engagement opportunity).
  1. To establish an integrated communication to broaden the horizons in metrology, standardization, instrumentation for measurement and related sciences.
  2. To present the results of research and ideas on metrology, standardization, instrumentation for measurement and related sciences.
  3. To enhance partnerships between experts, researchers, practitioners and policy stakeholders who are engaged or interested in improving metrology infrastructure particularly in the health sector.
  4. To trigger research and application of metrology, instrumentation for measurement and related sciences to improve metrology infrastructure.